Thank you for your referral

Thank you for trusting the Paediatric Dental Group as your partner in care. Our commitment to you is the same as our commitment to the patients you refer. We stand for quality care, professionalism, ethical practice and excellent communication. We will ensure that our performance reflects well on you, the referrer.

In addition to providing excellent care for your patients, our team are always happy to provide advice and support to help you treat your paediatric patients.

We also provide high quality continuing education opportunities for our referrers. Please contact us if you want to know about upcoming events.

As a referrer to the Paediatric Dental Group you are part of a dedicated network. If you require emergency after hours advice or care for your paediatric patients, we are here to help.

Please contact our Practice on (07) 3117 0092 for after hours access details. If you are looking for emergency after hours help right now, and do not have our access details, go to the home page of our website and complete the details in the emergency online contact fields.

How to Refer

There are three simple options to refer to us:

  • Our Online Form
  • Use our ‘tick and flick’ referral pad; or
  • Send us a letter or fax

If you need referral pads, please let us know.


We provide a complete range of specialist paediatric care, including:

  • Complex dental treatment for children.
  • Dental treatment for medically compromised children.
  • Management of acute oro-facial and dental trauma and its sequelae.
  • Paediatric oral surgery, including exodontia, management of unerupted teeth, impacted teeth, supernumerary teeth, autotransplantation, and oral soft tissue and periodontal surgery.
  • Management of developmental anomalies, including enamel hypoplasia and dentine defects, missing teeth, extra teeth and abnormal eruption of teeth.
  • Specific services for orthodontists, such as expose and bond, management of infraoccluded teeth and provision of mini-implants.
  • Endodontic treatment of the primary dentition and developing permanent dentition.
  • Interceptive orthodontics.
  • Diagnosis and management of the oral aspects of genetic conditions.
  • Diagnosis and management of the oral aspects of craniofacial syndromes.
  • Frenectomies for newborns with feeding issues.
  • Diagnosis and management of paediatric periodontal conditions and soft tissue lesions.
  • Treatment for children who suffer anxiety in the dental setting.
  • Behaviour management in the dental setting.
  • Treatment under sedation or general anaesthesia when indicated.
  • Advice and support to help you treat your paediatric patients.

Care Options

With respect to our specific care for your patients, we offer you two concepts:

  • You may refer your patient for management of a specific condition. Once the reason for referral has been addressed, we will return your patient to your care.
  • You may refer your patient for ongoing care until an age specified by you (for example, until 12 years of age).Then, at that age we will return your patient to your ongoing care.

Simply indicate your preference when you refer to us.

When You Refer

We appreciate as much information as you can provide us, including medical, dental and social history.


We are always grateful for any records you can send us, including recent radiographs.

We appreciate your forward planning. If you think your patient may require an OPG or other images, please request them at the time of referral. This will help your patient.